Sell a business

We’ve helped many business owners plan their exit strategy and maximize the value of their business. Whether looking to grow the business to prepare for down the road or exploring a sale now, you will need the assistance of a business broker.

We will value your business then market, locate and vet qualified buyers. We will help you secure the true value of your business, while also ensuring the legacy you’ve nurtured continues with the buyer.

We will help you understand/identify:

–         Timeline and steps to closing

–          Financials and valuation

–          The bidding and negotiations process

–          Potential tax implications

–          Buyer due diligence

–          Real estate (if necessary)

–          How buyers analyze the business

–          Any business weaknesses that may scare buyers

Complimentary Business Valuation

Please complete the form for a complimentary business valuation or reach out to us here.